My experience working with the Team at IINIZIO and the Management was very smooth. I was a new arrival to Kuwait and had been, unfortunately, let go from my school management position after only 19 days on the job. I was diligently working to find a new position through internet searches and networking when I was contacted by IINIZIO about a job opening with one of the clients. Within 12 hours of them contacting me I had an interview and a job offer with a 30 % salary increase !!! And all of this happened within 12 days of being unemployed! The process of dealing with my visa and residency went very smoothly and quickly, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of the management and the team. Because of this I did not have to leave Kuwait to return to my home country. I was well taken care of from start to finish with excellent communication and quick actions. I am very grateful to friends at IINIZIO and highly recommend them to future clients, both job seekers and HR departments looking to fill positions.

American Middle and High School Principal

American Curriculum

“IINIZIO's round the clock commitment and communication eases the strain of recruiting teachers. Their service has always been reliable, effective and considerate. It always a pleasure dealing with the team at IINIZIO.”

Middle School Principal at Accredited Bilingual School

American Curriculum

Actually, we are very happy with IINIZIO and I personally believe that you are doing and amazing job. Your sincerity and dedication are unique. You spend a considerable time with your clients and your candidates and we all appreciate it. I have dealt with many recruiters but the way you care about your teachers is very much appreciated by them and us. All the best and we will continue valuing your services.

Director at popular accredited school

American Curriculum


My experience at the school is genuinely positive one. They sent the renewal contracts recently and I was glad they sent me as it showed that my efforts paid off. I should have contacted you before and told you. I really owe much of this to you. A huge thanks truly. It has been a very busy period in the school. We are constantly trying new things and methods and exploring new approaches to get the students’ interest and actually let them gain something. How we administer tests and assess grades and evaluate their progress. All this was and actually is in the process of development as it is not completely formed in these strange compulsory times. Thank you truly for this amazing life experience


Middle School Teacher

I started university's 5 years ago now, with a dream of wanting to teach abroad if I made it through my course but after 4 years of hard work at university, I had my graduation certificate and all was possible. I took a year out to work for the army and do some supply teaching work. This allowed me to fulfill some of my goals within the forces as I went out to Kenya. Looking forward now, I am delighted to be perusing my dream with immense support from IINIZIO this August. For me a move to Kuwait and the thought of being able to inspire little ones is a the best possible combination. My dream of wanting to work abroad was made very easy by IINIZIO's recruitment team and I can't wait to learn even more as I start my NQT year.


KS2 NQT at an Accredited British School

It was a very easy and simple process. I had applied to many jobs over the last few months, but few recruiters were as fast and efficient as the ones working at IINIZIO. The Executive Director was the one who answered all my questions and quelled any fears i may have had, including what it would be like moving across the globe to a completely foreign country (this meant spending the better part of her afternoon taking my SKYPE calls and answering all the questions i'd listed down), and attempting to start a life there. Aside from the initial process of resume submission, and interview scheduling, my recruiter was very caring, and really had a vested interest in my well-being. That is quiet hard to find, and i'm happy to say i've made a friend of her. To anyone who is thinking about travelling and attempting to make lasting connections with recruiters who only want the best for you while you are living and working abroad, please look no further than IINIZIO; their drive to help people is what made my decision to stick with them all the more easier. Best of luck to everyone out there!


Canadian Fresh OCT for English and Language Arts

IINIZIO and their consultants have been a constant source of support and guidance from the initial application process through to settling in Kuwait and beyond. Always on hand, regardless of the day or the hour. I have recommended IINIZIO to many of my colleagues and they have been provided them with the same excellent service.


British ICT Teacher at BSO inspected School

“It has been a pleasure working with IINIZIO International. I was able to secure a job interview soon after contacting the company. My interaction with the company has been both professional and friendly. I recommend this company for people seeking gainful employment.”

Emmanuel - American Teacher

English and Language Arts - Elementary Level

I sent my CV in and a few days later I received a call back from the agency. A senior member of the management handled my case since it was a very busy season and having the interview with her was probably the most fun and amazing experiences I have ever had for a job interview. She was friendly, fun and set my heart at ease. She secured me an interview with a wonderful school and a few days after that I had a job offer. She has been there all the way guiding me through the steps. I am thankful and very impressed with the amazing work done by her and her team. I would definitely recommend IINIZIO Recruitment to everyone in search of a job in Kuwait.


South African Primary Teacher at a COBIS accredited school

"IINIZIO came recommended by colleagues. The consultants here helped me challenge myself to aim higher than existing offers. They efficiently coordinated an interview for me at a well regarded British Curriculum school. My consultant's calm support during pre change nerves helped me focus my goals. I am now excited about the new academic year with the improved package and professional opportunities. "


Australian KS2 Teacher at a BSO accredited school

We , at IINIZIO believe happy teachers and happy schools make a HAPPY NEXT GENERATION!
Right Education is the best gift you can ever give a person , and we like to play our part in ensuring its done the right way