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Description: The Instructor teaches students one-to-one and in small groups and may deliver sessions for a class based on the needs identified jointly with the Team Leader and in coordination with the Classroom Teachers. Plans developed by the ESL Instructor are reviewed by the Team Leader. The ESL Instructor may conduct assessment of students as they are referred to the Student Support Program and as they exit the program for the purpose of identifying needs and assessing success of remedial instruction provided in the Program. The ESL Instructor does not assess students to provide grades or formal reporting on achievement of the Prescribed Learning Outcomes of the British Columbia curriculum. Main Duties 1. Planning instruction for students referred to the Student Support Program, including detailed lesson plans, based on needs identified. 2. Developing learning materials that support the learning objectives and planned activities. 3. Instructing ESL students one to one, in small groups and/or by delivering sessions for a class based on plans developed by the Support Program Team Leader and/or classroom teacher. 4. Using a variety of activities and engaging teaching strategies/learning and student assessment methods. 5. Managing student behavior during ESL support sessions ensuring the effective implementation of the school code of conduct and discipline policy. 6. Acting as support/consultant for classroom teachers in planning instruction that address the needs of their ESL students. 7. Assisting in maintaining records of students referred to the Support Program. 8. Assisting in the daily supervision of students. 9. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Ideal Candidate: 1. A Bachelor’s degree. Linguistics majors will be given preference. 2. ESL Teaching Certification such as TESL, TEFL and CELTA from a recognized institution with a duration of minimum 100 hours. 3. 3+ years ESL experience, preferably in Intermediate and Secondary schools. 4. Native English speaker. 5. Proven ability to effectively work with children and adults in a pleasant and cooperative manner. 6. Perform responsibilities and tasks timely, accurately and with great attention to detail. 7. Proactive with a positive attitude. 8. Able to operate with minimal supervision and self motivated. 9. Highly organized and able to multi-task. 10. Creativity, and ability to think out of the box. 11. Works safely and establishes a safe environment; reacts quickly in emergency situations to maximize children safety. 12. Transferable residency.

Available Positions: 2

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