All candidates must have the below mentioned qualifications from any of these regions - UK / US / Canada / Ireland / Australia / New Zealand . We are pioneers in placing NQTs , QTSs , OCTs , OISE certfied teachers in the first year out of college.

Our clients seek qualified and / or experienced candidates with a Bachelors in Education (Primary / Elementary / Early Childhood / Early Years ) for candidates applying for KG and Key Stages 1&2 OR from KG to Grade 5. This degree could be accompanied by a PGCE / PGDE or a Masters but is not mandatory.

For teachers specializing in Secondary OR Middle or High School according to the US Curriculum , the candidates must have a Bachelors Degree in the subject they wish to teach. For eg : To teach Science , you must have a basic of a Bachelors Degree in Science with a major in any of the science subjects. To teach Math , you would have a basic of Bachelors in Math.

For University roles, Western candidates with Western Education and Training would be the ideal candidates, preference given to those with professional certifications. Again this is the basic which makes you eligible to be a certified teacher. Further qualifications are not mandatory however additional qualifications and experience will add to your monthly salary.


All contracts are tax free contracts directly between the Employer ( who will be your sponsor in the resident country ) and yourself.

Annual Packages

Annual take home salary starts at Kuwaiti Dinars(KWD) 8400 and goes higher depending on the qualifications and experience." All tax free of course " .

Overseas Benefits

Shared / Single Accommodation OR Accommodation Allowance depending on your marital status. All utilities - electricity, water etc are covered by the employer. Read More

Extra Benefits

Depending on the approved packages, employers may offer child tuition fees discounts , extra baggage allowance etc.

If what you are looking for is adventure , travel , discovering new cultures and languages , working in a multi cultural setting , spending quality time with your friends and family , saving up for your future , having discounted child education costs , enjoying teaching AND getting paid for it. If your dream role has not been advertised online , send across a detailed email stating your preferences and we shall get back to you to understand how we can assist you further. Register Now