HR Professionals from the Education industry put their minds together to give International , Accredited schools in Kuwait what they never had ... a reliable market pioneer in HR services specialized in the Education Sector.

Placing happy teachers in our partner schools is our key service we compliment it with other add-on services for schools such as Benchmarking , Compensation & Benefits advisory services , Auditing , Performance Management , SOPs , Best Practises all aligned with the Ministry of Education regulations. Don’t forget to ask for your recruiting school partner discount on the add on services !

Few years down the line IINIZIO is proud to be a "go to provider" for all HR Services. For schools and teachers, our round the clock support system both onsite and offsite give our clients and teachers alike the confidence and us ... a lot of happiness !

We believe teaching abroad is much more than a career choice, it means eagerness to explore different cultural experiences and earn enough to realize dreams sooner than expected......So, if you are a school looking for qualified teachers and administrators, please request a call back and one of our dedicated consultants will be with you shortly. If you are an passionate Educator or wish to refer a friend excited to teach abroad ,why wait when you can embark on this once-in-a-lifetime journey with IINIZIO.